Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Year - New Hopes

At 8am tomorrow morning I will tickle my son on his tummy to wake him up.
It is a universal law that a child's eyes will ping open at 6am on any given non-school day, and he will demand hot chocolate and the Teletubbies immediately, if not sooner.
It is also equally true that on a school morning, he will be a moribund with deep exhaustion and I will be wracked with guilt for tearing him from his warm bed (my warm bed, I might add) and his sweet dreams.

Newton really shouldn't have wasted his time on the fundamental laws of physics and spent his time more productively examining the laws of Monday Mornings...especially the FIRST Monday Morning.
My 5 year old sweet little man is going back to Outreach tomorrow morning.
We are knee-deep in luck as he has already completed a year of pre-school there (after a year of Montessori with a wonderful SNA), and he is thriving, happy and confidant.
We are lucky that he doesn't need a place in an ABA school as he has been no.60-something on the waiting list for the last two years.
We are lucky that he wasn't born two years earlier, or the only educational option available to him was a Special Needs school located over 40 miles away.

When I tickle his belly tomorrow morning I will not feel the sadness and anxiety that many parents feel, knowing that their child is not being taught in the right way or in the right place. I will feel a deep sense of relief and hope that his stars seem to have been obliging enough to allign correctly.
Outreach is not right for many of our autisitc kids, but it is tailor made for our wee man.

I am starting this blog to share my experience of Outreach, and hope that it will shine a small light on the world of the autie child.


  1. An amazing first post :) Look forward to many more...

    It is amazing how they ALWAYS sleep in on the days they have school and up with the dawn on days you would rather leave your own head glued to the pillow!

    Hope tomorrow goes well for your little man xxx

  2. Thank you Jean for sharing your experience my little boy is also starting in an asd class attached to mainstream school in the morning and it gives me great hope that this school will give him as much support as is possible we are also very high no could be very near 60 also on a waiting list for ABA school which will never happen but we have to be thankful that there are other great schools suitable for our kids and please parents don't give up if your child is offered a asd unit attached to a mainstream school locally to you they give so much attention and support to kids also xxx

  3. way to go Jean ... fab 1st post.
    Our 1st full day was this morning too (started 10-12 last Thurs & Fri), bus picked up time is 7.35 (ouch) & true to form Dash was sound asleep til I woke him. Why could he not have been like that ALL summer ????????

  4. Must be the same everywhere Jean...had to wake Babs this morning...he now in Senior Infants and won't have the watchful eye of his older sister this year as she has moved into the next class...had planned to start is younger brother this year just so he would have one sibling in same room as him throughout his school yrs but decided he needed his independence more....and the teachers assured me he is coping wee bit apprehensive this sure will be great...

    Well done on your first post...your a natural blogger....short and post done when tipsy so drink up...

    Sesame xxx

  5. Thank you so much girls...your encouragement means the world to me.
    Tracy thank you for the late-night panic blog questions.
    It was like we were never off school this morning...i think we were all ready to get back into some type of for the dishes and the ironing (but there may be lots of tea first...and maybe an episode of scrubs) XXX

  6. Well done Jean! Great first post...and so true about school mornings. I just know I'll have that problem tomorrow even though he's awake at 7.30 am every day of the school hols!

    I look forward to reading more. xx Jazzy

  7. Don't worry HONEY just give the nod at the end of the month

  8. I love it! Same here, pulling the blankets over his head saying 'five more minutes pllllllease'.....

    All summer he has been up early..bouncing

  9. Fantastic first post Jean, I think I missed a boat somewhere and did not know that you had started this, it will galvanise me to pick up the threads of my blog...

  10. well lookie here and who has gone and got herself out blogging! Will have a good read over teatime. For now, welcome to the fold honey! and will go and link you up on the mainpage now!!

  11. What a great first post. I will have to check out the rest of your blog now to find out how it all went.

  12. Oohh, I have been lucky enough to follow your posts but never thought to come back to your first post!! We have HRH's name down for Outreach, the only option within any kind of reasonable distance so fingers crossed it will be for him. Its not a easy decision and it can be hard to know what is right, or not!!

    Thanks for joining up with Blog Gems. Jne