Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's life, Spock, but not as we know it xxx

Bob has had a busy start to his school year (as any self-respecting Bob should have).
He has a new class mate, meaning there is now a grand total of 5 boys in his class...it seems when the new facility is ready, they'll have the capacity to teach up to 18 children. I find it a bit worrying to think that he might eventually have to share his 2 teachers and 3 SNA's with 17 other little 'un's, but for the moment all is very well and I'll have a proper little worry about that when, or if, the time comes.

We've been taking part in the Autism Genome Project, which surprisingly isn't a 70's progressive rock band, but a proper research project running in Trinity College. We had our blood taken a few months ago (Bob complained more about being held tight than the about the actual needle), and last week a lovely young psychologist called out to our house to ask us MANY questions about his development. It was kinda exhausting, but was a good excuse to remedy our woes with some medicinal shiraz.

The psychologist visited His Bobness at school last Thursday and spent 2 hours assessing him there. He managed to IQ test him (hurray! the last time we tried this he gave us a two-fingered autie salute by mentally projecting PFO messages to us...you can also see I have become psychic since his diagnosis). It seems we will be sent the results of this IQ test which will be (a) wonderful, if he turns out to be a Boy Genius, or (b) a Really Silly Test if it shows he is anything less than Einsteinian.

I am pretty curious to know what his IQ is, but ultimately it really doesn't make any difference. He's a happy little construction worker, and will continue to give us the most delicious cuddles while spitting hot chocolate down his jumper for a laugh, regardless of a number on a piece of paper.

He had a few unsettled nights lately, which caused my years of bragging about his fairly good sleeping habits to rear up and bite me on my comfortably squishy bum. I have grown to abhor Fireman Sam with an intensity usually reserved solely for the fiendish Barney (it pains me to even hiss his name). He has been waking anytime between 1 and 4 am shouting "UP!UP!" while taking my eye out shoving my glasses on my face...all because he wants to see a self-satisfied misogynist playing with his hose...is it possible I read too much into children's television?

After some brainstorming with Bob's Dad  we decided on turning his bed into a haven of All- That- Is -Bob. So, following an emergency dash to Dunnes, the purchase of one Bob duvet set, a Bob fleece and the addition of a frighteningly large stuffed Bob resulted in a full night's sleep.
Fireman Sam is history. Long live Bob!

When we meet with Bob's teachers to discuss his IEP, we plan to encourage them to teach him accounting skills. The construction trade is not what it was, and he could use his skills more productively by rescuing his family from insolvency.
After he has saved his family, I plan to hire him out to the Minister for Finance, and when he has the country back in order (neatly lined up, of course), I will give him back his tool kit.


  1. Hehe... you always make me laugh missus. I haven't been subjected to Fireman Sam thankfully as have had enough Welsh accents to drive me insane over the last 6 years... I do get an eye gouging in the mornings she wants me to get out of bed though as she tries to push my glasses on lol.

    I'm sure Bob is a genius regardless of what number they come up with and would be happy to have him do the country accounts when he's older... (sure he couldn't do any worse than the shower doing them now hehe)


  2. Great post Jean, I've been looking forward to your next episode!
    So glad that Bob (in all his incarnations)is saving the day!

    Yeah..IQ result will be interesting but ultimately won't matter, your Bob will be a genius anyway. xx Jazzy

  3. Loved this post, you have a great way with words and this made me laugh. I loved the idea of medicinal shiraz! I will never look at Bob as regards the playing with his hose the same way again thanks to you!! lol. Well done on another excellent blog.

    Andra xxx

  4. Oh I just love Pontypandy! (just so I can say it) and I got the feeling Sam was the only gay in the village? no?

    Don't get hung up on the IQ test. Unless it is really high, then it is 100% accurate. They really don't ask the right questions the right way and the most intelligent creatures in our world, like Elephants who can communicate across miles of Savannah,(without iPhones) or Dolphins or Blue whales probably would not pass one, but then they don't bother with that sort of thing.

    Bob needs to get into Green energy - that is the future of construction in this world...

  5. Thanks so much gals... i think it's vitally important to point out that the Bob bed in the picture is not ours...you have to wade through swamps of old socks and do battle with metallica posters (big brother is 12) before you can catch a glimpse in this house. That one is way too neat to be wholesome.
    Hammie, I am so with you that Sam is a closet gay..i just didn't want to offend any uniform-obsessed effeminate firefighters who might happen to be reading... XXX

  6. V Glad that that is not Bob's bed-thought you had banished him to the living room, thus ensuring a nights sleep by being too far away to hear him...

  7. that's gonna be in the first chapter of my parenting book alison (how well you know me). Chapter 1 "My Perfect Child Sleeps All Night" (subtitled "I'm too drunk to hear him in the sound proofed basement he's gagged in")
    It's gonna be a bestseller

  8. Hi Jean

    Many thanks for stopping by our blog and for your very kind words. Thoroughly enjoyed that post - Bob was huge here for a long time! Whatever it takes at the time!!

    Looking forward to your next post.

    Take care