Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Swing When You're Winning

Today we were thrilled to discover that Bob's Dad will be refunded €2500 of the €10,500 it cost him to complete his masters degree in nursing .

We have approximately 40 gaping financial holes we could have dropped it into, but it would have been like dropping a sad little pebble down a deep, dark well, never to be seen again...so we had a rebellious thought while we were pottering about in a very pretty garden centre this morning.
We figured that we'll always have debts, but we won't always have a houseful of rowdy kids who need fresh air, exercise and a safe place to blow off steam....
...so we blew the €2500 (before we even have it, which is kinda comical) on a pretty damn amazing activity centre.
Hopefully we should have it in a month (if the HSE honour their promise)....and I still feel giddy with excitement that we were care-free enough (and caring enough) to say  let's live in the present.

Sure, we could be accused of being irresponsible, but we have a roof over our heads, we shop in Lidl...and soon we'll have an activity centre dripping with children who are quite happy with beans on toast and shoes from Primark.

Hopefully Bob will have a little energy left over from school to play on it.
His teacher  has the boys in until 2pm now, instead of 1.30 and it's astonishing the difference a half an hour makes. She is very ambitious for them and pushes them to the best of their abilities while still loving them to bits...what a cool skill to have. I've mastered the "loving-to-bits" part, but fall short at the disciplined task-master bit...as my recent fiscal transactions testify.

I may be cast into the fiery pits of bankruptcy, but I'll have a few go's on the activity centre before I depart.


  1. WAy to go mammy, couldn't agree with you more. Make sure you get a vat reciept for the activity centre and go for the refund on that too! xxx

  2. Great blog, what a cool activity centre your kids will have, its brilliant and so worth the beans on toast and the primark shoes! I hope they will be very happy in their garden. I hope you will get a few goes in it too!

    Andra xxx

  3. Good on ya missus! The kids will get hours of enjoyment out of it and so will you :) Will have to come up to you with Munchkin to have a play! Don't forget to keep your VAT receipt too for a refund xxx

    Congrats to Bobs Dad too for getting his masters :)

  4. Thank you ladies. I am so excited about it I may need a new pack of tena's XXX

  5. Oh that's fabulous Jean...you are sooo right to get that Activity Centre. Always wanted one of them, don't have the room though:(
    It won't owe you a penny when the kids are all done with it. May it bring them, and you, many joy filled and energy-zapping years!
    I too had the same thoughts about the "R" word when booking the Liverpool trip...sod it, you only live once! xx Jazzy