Friday, November 6, 2009

Home Support Rocks

Over the past few months Sir Bob has been having some "challenging" nights (pc-speak for screaming blue murder at stupid o'clock, with nauseous amounts of ToyStory required to regain peace). There's only so much kid's tv a girl can handle when the rest of the world is snuggled down in bed. People have killed for less.

As Bob's Dad  does shift work, I am often rescued from imminent Death By Insomnia when he in in a day off. But when James is at work (the pesky inconvenience of it!) I have to drag my sorry carcass around with as much enthusiasm as a wet hen.
I got tired of being tired, and I wasn't much fun to live with.

So I took a deep breath and applied for Home Support.

I'll skip being subjected to the Liturgy of the Social Worker ("well, resources are limited...if we give you help now it could be withdrawn at any time...we'll be taking your firstborn and a pound of your best flesh in repayment for a service we're supposed to provide anyway..." yada, yada, yada.) and tell you that I was given 3 hours per week of support from none other than my dear friend Lorraine, who also happened to be Bob's SNA (Special  Needs Assistant) back  in his Montessori days.

So Lorraine arrived one evening last week while James was out foraging manfully in the undergrowth, or hunting wildebeest using only his wits and his bare hands... or whatever it is that fellas do when they go to work.

The difference that hour made was quite breath-taking.
Yeah, it was great to be able to help Toads no.1 and 2 with their homework, or to put away the ironing etc etc, but the true value of having Lorraine there was that I could mentally switch off from my permanent state of amber-alert for a full hour.
It was great, and I felt like I'd had a little holiday.


  1. Love it! Well done you on getting your own angel :) I'm still on the neverending waiting list for home support even though that's my job and I work for the HSE... No string pulling here :( Im sure the elder toads appreciate having your full attention to help with homework. It's not til you can do it that you realise you live your life with one eye constantly on high alert! Xxx

  2. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. May your home support hours contract a replicating virus and grow to their full allocation. Sure it won't cost more than 1% of Proff Drumms last bonus, or Mary Harney's Butlers Chocolate Account.