Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Goals

Two weeks ago Bob had his IEP (individualised education plan), so James and I trotted along to meet Bob's Teacher and the Principal to discuss new goals.
It was great.
He mostly reached the goals set at his last IEP, but with some of them he still needs a very strong, visible reinforcer (eg it was intended to teach him to respond to simple instructions without prompts, and although he will now carry out simple verbal instructions, it works better when he can see a reward at the end of it...hey, maybe he's destined to be a banker!).
His new goals are ambitious, but are reachable, so they didn't scare us too much.

We aim for Bob to
(1) make fleeting eye contact with the person speaking to him at least once during a conversation,
(2) increase reading readiness and to identify on request 10 common nouns,
(3) to add numbers between 1 and 5 using concrete aids and
(4) to appropriately indicate toileting needs.

Oh...and he'll be getting homework from tomorrow....EEEEEK! Already I am dusting down the ball and chain to anchor him to the dining room table...really, I'm not too worried about it and I can always check out jazzygirl's brilliant blog as she is the Homework Guru.

I got a bit of a bright idea and decided to cut up his flash cards (which have pictures and words on them) and get him familiar with written words independent of pictures. Already he can identify "dog" and "ice cream" (that's mah boy!) and match the word to the picture, so we're off to a good start.

In a few days Ill trim the coloured edges off them when I feel he's pretty familiar with them.

I had some concerns about his resistance to holding a pencil or even a crayon, so I discussed this with Teacher and ordered some theraputty which I sent into school for him. They're already doing lots of work to reduce his tactile sensitivities, but I have a feeling that Bob will be typing before he is writing.

The IEP is a great opportunity to move forwards...put it to good use!

On another note, Bob was sick last week and missed 3 days of school. James and I were really touched by how much he was missed. Isn't it great that it's not all about the 3 R's?

His IEP will be reviewed next February so hopefully by then Bob will be criticising Dostoevsky and using trigonometry to calculate the distance to the sun....although I will be quite happy if he is adding a few numbers and pointing out the odd word in his story books.
 Dostoevsky sucks anyway.


  1. Go Bob, well done. Jean, our tutor has been massaging HRHs' hands when she can, and we do the same when having cuddles etc, and it has reduced his tactile sensitivity, might help Bob too. We only do it for as long as HRH will allow, we don't push it:) Delighted he is doing so well and will look forward to hearing in again in Feb:) Jen

  2. Bob is doing great! I love your flashcard idea missus and may steal it for Munchkins program when she's a bit older :) I have used desensitisation techniques with her for 18 months now and have had great results pairing up her strongest reinforcers with massage. We are still having a lot of resistance to eye contact when communicating so that is one thing we are working really hard on now xx

  3. Well done Jean on a successful IEP for Bob! Sure, with you guys behind him he'll be flying!
    Emm...thanks for the mention...I think! Homework Guru?? Eh....I dunno about that!Like the rest of us I struggle through and try to find solutions and share them, like you all do, via my blog in the hope that they'll be useful.

    Welcome to my Homework world.... Jean and Bob. Isn't it great that he's now getting homework though?? What a huge step. What we had to do when 1st introducing homework was to put it in a homework folder to differentiate it from schoolwork. if it just came home in his bag then WiiBoy would scream the place down. He couldn't possibly be expected to do work that belonged in school, at home, you see! God love him. Just thought I'd share that in case you had the same problems:)) xx Jazzy