Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hmmmm...my mission (should I choose to accept it) is to share seven pieces of information about myself that I haven't previously blogged on, and that most people wouldn't know about me.  I considered approaching this from a seven deadly sins angle, but figured you would round up a posse and lynch me when you discovered what a lustful, slothful gannet I really am.
I kinda like being alive and in full use of my limbs, so I scrapped that idea.
The only other model I can think of using is the patented J.Carroll Jump In With Both Size Nines and See What Happens approach.  
That's a real writer's tool, I'll have you know....
...(with the emphasis on tool).

Okay...got my Doc Marten's on ...here we go...

(1) When I was very young (about 4 I think) I could, and did, bite my own toe nails.  
This memory used to disgust me, but now I'm pretty impressed.

(2) My earliest memory is when I was 18 months old , when my little sister Mary (there's always a Mary in an Irish family) was a newborn.  I could see the corner of the kitchen table way above me, and heard my mother say (to my dad) "Tom, will you bring the child with you?".

Now I can't remember what I ate for lunch.

(3) My big brother Kevin taught me to read and write before I went to school at the age of 3.  Because of him I could read way beyond my years, and read 'Roots' by Alex Hayley at the age of 9.  Unfortunately, people assumed I was really clever because of this (I wasn't) and had Inflated Expectations of me. Now that I think about it, it's all Kevin's fault.  What an evil bastard.

(4) I still wore a nappy when I started school. 

(5) I was 16 when I started 3rd level education!!!! (I had ditched the nappies by this stage).  It was a science course on DkIt (known to us oldies as the Regional in Dundalk).  
I lasted 2 months.  

(6) When I was 17 I left home and hightailed it to London.  My vulnerability absolutely horrifies me now that I have kids of my own, but it was the best thing I ever did.  I love London, and it was the making of me.

(are we at 7 already???? I thought this was gonna be really hard!!)

(7) I met the Love of my Life at nursing college in Romford (white stillettos rock!!!!)...I had to travel to Essex to catch a 'Blayney fella.  People still occassionally ask me if he is a "male nurse"...considering he fathered three children with me, I feel the proof is in the pudding.

So there ya go, Lords and Ladies.  Seven Sordid Secrets.


  1. Respect Nurse Jean. I was all of 18 and one month when I flew the 17,000 miles on QF 1 to LDN from Melbourne.

    late then precocious reader too, very late I think I was almost 5. But I would have been well able for Alex Haley at 9 if I hadnt been traumatised by Kunta Kinta getting his foot chopped off in the mini series which I watched from the hallway, When I was supposed to be in bed.

    Gay men can have children, I'm just saying. So be on the look out for George Micheal and Pet Shop Boys cds in his collection....
    Doh! Mr Hammie has the full set. YIkes! xx

  2. Erasure rocks. Excellently put as always.

  3. Good stuff Hun xx girl after my own heart, up and running early, shows why your so good with this autism lark, you were already strong, brave and able well b4 it and u like adventure

  4. love it jean :)
    god ur brother was an evil shit....imagine actually teaching ur sister to read! OMG!
    fair play on going to london so young, im 24 and still think id be too young now. :)

  5. Yipee :D Having difficulty picking one or two to comment on ya mad thing, they are all great and funny and interesting:) Hear you on the reading thing, big difference between getting into something early and becoming good at it as compared to being a genius, I had the same issue. I have feeling there is a LOT more in there and am wishing you did 20!! Great post Jean, going back to read it now a few more times:) Jen

  6. Cool.....love your sordid secrets! Well done....you've quite a way with words so you have ;)) xx Jazzy

  7. sorry am very late wiyh this but i loved it jean i also read that book very young and was caught with it in school and accused of reading it for the 'dirty ' bits!!