Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All In A Day's Work

My theme for tonight's blog serves two is to help me and (hopefully) you get a feel for how different the world must look from an autie perspective...
...that, and to shamelessly indulge my love of Monty Python.

Now, those of you who know me, will know that I consider autie kids (and adults) heros.  We could call them pedestrian heros, as their brand of courage is banal, ordinary and everyday.  They never stop overcoming their terrors and discomforts in an effort to get through each moment.

They wear clothes that irritate them.
They tolerate sounds that, to them, screech like bjork stuck in a badger trap.
They put food in their mouths that may frighten them (which is entirely prudent when I happen to be the  cook) .

Sometimes our kids protest and spit, pee and streak at times we consider inappropriate.
To them they are just letting off a little steam from the constant pressure we exert on them to conform.
If they didn't pitch a fit now and again they would probably go mad.

In the clip, Bicycle Repair Man is applauded for stripping off his superhero gear and doing something ordinary....sound familiar???
We do this every day with our kids (stop being special and do something boring!!!) ...I really hope we don't chip too much off their personalities in the process.

Again, old friends will know that a worry of mine is the ethics of forcing a person to conform to a way of life they do not choose, and may indeed find intensely uncomfortable.
But Bob will always be a hero, whether he's saving the world or fixing a bike.

I hope you enjoy the clip.


  1. You are a hero too Jean because you see the bigger picture and allow Bob be who he is and because of this he will have his place in the world no matter what he does. Love the video too:) Great post as always hun. xxx

  2. Thanks James...means everything!
    Andra you're a sweetie...i don't always practise what I preach, but I try XXX

  3. Love the 'bjork stuck in a badger trap' very appropriate:) I do understand what you are saying though and it's a toughie. We want to help our kids but not wipe out everything that is unique about them, same as any parent of any child. We just focus on it more maybe? I think that if we give them the skills they need so that they can make a choice then we have done our job. That is my inexperienced view of it, so far. We can always grab a dolphin? Great post. Jen xxx

  4. Oh yes...a fitting tribute to all our heroes! Well done.

    And I'm just so jealous at the ease at which you all can post those damn videos on your blogs! I can never seem to manage it! xx Jazzy

  5. 'forcing a person to conform to a way of life they do not choose, and may indeed find intensely uncomfortable' that would be a dealbreaker for me, I just couldn't do that. I think I have a brain melt coming.............

  6. 'forcing a person to conform to a way of life they do not choose, and may indeed find intensely uncomfortable'. I am starting to understand this view, but when there are other people/children in the family there always has to be compromise surely?

  7. BTW Jean, I am not trying to be a troll here. It's just that I am the kind of Mammy who tried to 'fix' everything for her kids, and this is a whole new way of thinking for me.

  8. hahaha Blue're no troll...common sense has to prevail, and our kids really do need to master some basic skills and tolerances in order to make their (and our) lives better. A 16 year old boy exposing his meat and two veg just isn't things like toilet training and "modesty" (gawd I've come over all victorian lol) need to be sorted asap.
    Thank god I wasn't born 10 years earlier...I'd probably be a complete hippie!
    Jen, how's that head-melt comimg along? are you nicely stewed yet?

  9. Lol... I totally understand not wanting to force our kiddies to conform but after another experience of total nudity on the upper tier of playzone this afternoon, the the ensuing laughs from the other kids, I really do understand the need to get them to compromise even. She's allowed her nudie time at home, but again, til what age when her brother and sister become more uncomfortable with it. Its a matter of balance really xxx

  10. Jean, I just love the manner in which you write, you make your point in such an eloquent way. Love the Monty Python...great fan as well. Our little guys are heroes trying to make it in a world that is always expecting them to conform. Griffin is my hero too, I just don't know how he gets through the day sometimes with all the sensory issues that he has...can't say that I would be as tolerant as he is...would probably have far more meltdowns than he.