Thursday, January 14, 2010

Burn the Books!!

A few nights ago I was boiling (some might argue that I was overcooking , and others might even put forward the theory that I was attempting to create an innovative type of tiling grout.....I may not be a great cook, but what I lack in talent I make up for with enthusiatic cremations ) pasta for Toad No.2's school lunch.  Now watching pasta congeal into a gelatinous lump isn't a very economical use of my precious time, so I decided to have a gander through my bookshelf ,  as I promised myself that this year I would actually read  (I know, I'm wild!!) some of the dozens of books I've bought over the last while.

I used to read voraciously, but since Bob's diagnosis I just can't seem to focus on a book  unless the word AUTISM (yes, in red!) is leaping out from the cover.
I thought  I'll pick something to suit my mood...something light-hearted and amusing, whimsical even, but was a bit perplexed to find only weighty, solid tomes of brow-furrowing seriousness;

I pulled a few books out, and here's what I found; 

'The Trouble With Physics' by Lee a geekalicious nerd I loved physics at school, but three pages into this supposed layperson's guide I can confidantly conclude that the Trouble With Physics is that it's Really Really Hard.

'The Greatest Show on Earth' by Richard Dawkins (who is one of my heros!) is a wordy book of 400 pages which can be summarised into one sentence. Evolution happened and there is no God.  Job done.

 'Scarpetta' by Patricia Cornwell, where repressed workaholic Good People (who also happen to be miserable, martyred ex-addicts) use their  big sciency  brains to catch smelly Bad People who chop Stupid People up.  
Actually, that's every Cornwell book.

This isn't counting the volumes of autism books, James's Very Scary nursing books and acres of (the irony of it!) cookery books. 

My bookshelf isn't much fun,is it?
My bookshelf seems to have had a personality bypass. 
Or maybe it's just me.

It struck me that most of my books seem to be asking some sort of there life after death?, what is the nature of autism?, who chops up feckless eejits beause he has mother issues and feeds them to the dogs?

It occured to me that I spend a lot of time and money pursuing answers that ultimately don't really mean a lot.  Even if I one day find them, they will not change my life.
Bob is autistic and I love him the way he is (as I do my elder Toads), and no amount of guide-book devouring will alter that.
When I'm dead I won't really worry about it because I'll be...well...dead.
And Patricia Cornwell needs to get drunk and buy a new pair of shoes. 

So, no more wasting time that only results in fruitless, head-banging frustration!

Next week I plan to visit my nearest bookshop and stock up on some juicy bodice-rippers and lots of Marian Keyes. 
ChickLit is my new philosophy. 



  1. u need the ibook actually u need my books cos i dont read them...think we all go through the read all u can about autism books in the beginning...dont think iv ever finished autobiographes mite write sesame loves to buy diy and cook delia, jamie oliver, lol...think they were used as door stops once when we moved house.....

    not a hope id trade babs' autism for all the tea in china its been challenging, opened new doors, helped me meet great people and made me see the simple things in life are the best and take nothing for granted....xx

  2. Have you been nosying through my house again? Our bookshelves are exactly the same - well, except for the nursing books! Can't beat an old chick lit! Only problem I have is that i read 3 pages fall asleep and forget waht i read, so end up reading the same pages over and over!! xx

  3. hahaha, same here, I went on a book buying spree at Amazon recently, the latest acquisition is John Elder Robison, Look my in the Eye...My life with Aspergers, the hubby started it before me though.

    I had great intentions and started, The Out Of Sync child recently but got restless and its joined the rest of my autism collection now!

    Think I'll join ya and get some Jackie Collins to pep things up hehe!

    Great blog Jean.

  4. yes hun, that is one scary book shelf, but all book shelves scare me, im way too add to read a book, just about manage to get through blogs lol

    happy shopping

  5. Great blog, yes ive got all the Cornwells (and they are all the same), a heap of nursing books (mine) and a few 2 for a fiver tesco specials that I never read.. and of course the obligitory Autism books that are going to solve all the mysteries but never do cos there aint a book written about my chap yet !

  6. god ur bookshelf makes me look so dumb. mines all chick books and a few comedians biographys.
    i like ur way of thinking though. gotta stop worrying and we'l enjoy things so much more!

  7. im logged in as jay shit! above comment is claire lol

  8. hahaha claire...i do that all the time as james! My bookshelo shouldn'tmake you feel dumb...i never read any of them (or any more than 3 pages!!!).
    They might come in handy to build sand banks in case we get more flooding tho XXX

  9. Gonna start the new Colin Bateman follow up to mystery man.I also love any thing byvMike Gayle once described as Chick Lit for blokes any very funny.Went through the Reading anything to do with Autism stage but promised myself I must read 3 neuro typical book to every asd 1!

  10. I used to be an avid reader, and as a child would be seen reading the cereal packet over breakfast. Half my life was spent going in and out of second hand bookshops but since I was pregnant on Munchkin, I haven't been able to concentrate long enough to get through a book since. I assumed it was short term braincell shrinkage due to hormones but its been over three years now... Only books on my shelf now are reference books! I vow to get stuck into some chicklit this year too... xx

  11. I, like Petunia, practically ate books all my life. Now I just dont' have time, or I don't make time because if I do I will stay up until silly o' clock and be wrecked. Or I might fire all the children into the playpen to get to the next chapter. Basically, I can't be trusted with books, so I just don't go there. Great post Jean, love your sense of humour and way of looking at things:) Jen xxx

  12. My library contains a mixture of ancient Greece, pre-history, John Stienbeck, and a plethora of autism books. I even have books on autism and dating, adults with autism, which is crazy since my child is only 8! And then I have the Temple Grandin books and Parenting Your Child With Complex Needs. It is as diverse as I am. It all depends on the mood I am in I guess.

    Of course we have lots of Nat Geo books for Griffin and all other kind of encyclopedias of animals as he adores them.

    Isn't it interesting to find what each person has on their bookshelves?

  13. i can totally relate to this one! some old friends of mine seem to think im on a mission to prove something because i rarely read fiction these days and i find it difficult for a book to appeal to me if its not about autism. i think i may be coming to the end of this phase though, cos during the cold spell i bought a Martha Long book ( about a child !)but more a story than i usually read and i find it helps take my mind off the subject that some may say i'm obsessive about! marian Keyes is next!

  14. All my books are fiction. Real world far too scary. Anyway, DH takes care of all that with his ridiculously difficult where do we all come from books-it must run in the family :-)

    PS Don't get the new Marian Keyes book, it's crap.

  15. I enjoyed the new Marian! And I went on a big re-read of all Marian as a result. Best thing about mumnesia is you forget the endings and suspense is maintained.
    I'm a constant reader, always have been. But I don't like autism books. Too miserylit for me!
    Gimme a boy wizard, some shoes shopping and a little bollywood dancing; some Scottish actor driving a motorbike across Russia and an ex-python or footlights actor circumnavigating the globe with a Botswana lady detective,
    and I'm happy.

  16. Ah...I love me books! Always have one on the go and can't go to sleep if i don't read a few pages. I also love, when I get the chance, to relax and read a few pages after Breakfast some mornings. I've read all Cromwell books....I am a big thriller book reader but am tiring of all the dead bodies!! xx Jazzy

  17. Go for it! I know you read my post about trying to get some reading in too. I seem to have trouble getting through my Autism, Self Help, Get Rich type books. But when I get something fun and thoughtless, like Cornwall who I have read several of, I find the time to read! I just read a Stephanie Plum series book by Janet Evanovich in about 3 days! Those are the kind that I can read right before bed without falling asleep with the book on me. And I can read a page or two while doing other stuff without losing the plot.

  18. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.