Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Guns N' Roses

Made giddy by the absence of snow, the entire Bob clan repaired to Dundalk to revel in our new found freedom (ha roads! look, we can drive on you!! take that!!).

James and I cast several sideways glances as Toads No.1 and 2 basically didn't pause for breath as Toad No.1 waxed lyrical (and at admirable length) about guns (he's 12, no further explanation necessary), while Toad no.2 happily discussed the merits of tabby cats as opposed to black cats...apparantly tabby cats are a bit "wild", an it is of vital importance that black cats are jet black.
The irony wasn't lost on us that we were on out way to buy an iTouch for Bob, who hasn't very much speech at all.

A friend of ours always says of kids; "You spend the first year trying to get them to walk and talk...and the next 18 years telling them to sit down and shut up".

Bob's ability to communicate is developing, but we have some hope that the iTouch will foster a desire to communicate, as he seems to have inherited his Daddy's inspector gadget genes.

It's kinda strange that we're really glad Bob was born now, and not 20, or 50, or 100 years ago.  Now he has a fighting chance to become the person he is meant to be.  He won't be flung in an embarrassed heap to an 'assylum', or mis-diagnosed as schizophrenic, or institutionalised  and sedated.
Now we have enlightened pioneers who can see beyond the horizon, and say "hey, lets try something new and innovative to get the best out of our autie kids".  There are people who are inspired by the ordinary things they see every day. Angels walk among us.

In a few weeks it is possible that the iTouch will lie gathering dust (although I seriously doubt it), but what it had engineered is another layer of hope...our kids are not the forgotten generation and we are lucky enough to live in a time when there are special people who can breathe life into that hope.


  1. ahhh thats a lovely blog hun. hope he likes his itouch and it brings what you hope it will xx

  2. Lovely posting and I hope the iTouch works out. Get Mr Briers to do a posting about it for all of us that have gadget genes and how you find Bob takes to it. I would love to hear about that. Good luck:) Jen. p.s. love the pic of the cat!!

  3. great blog, we are def lucky than most. He`l love the itouch xx mention it in your next blog if it all goes well. would love to hear how it he got on with it

  4. Fab blog Jeanie, we are lucky to live in a age when all the technology available can do remarkable things for and with our children, many of them are like ducks to water with computers and others help develop programmes for iphones. Geniuses the lot of them thats what I say:)

  5. I hope he has loads of fun wit his iphone/ great blog, totally agree :-)

  6. My NT teen has an ipod touch and it is her fave toy ever. It can do everything. Sure Bob will love it!

  7. I love my iTouch! And i'm sure Bob will too. Aren't gadgets just the best thing ever? xx

  8. It is sad to say that I have no idea what an itouch is :( But that is not important I hope that it brings the best! Great post!

    Lora XXXX

  9. lovely blog jean, its funny how the technology seems interesting to all of our kids. my little fella loves youtube videos lego superheroes, its teaching him control of the mouse, yet he cant hold a pencil too well, its amazing really. loved your post x