Saturday, February 13, 2010

And the Sunshine Award Goes To......

Cripes! I've won an award.
And I haven't had a chance to agonise over Valentino/Vera Wang, an up-do or a spill of golden curls over my tanned shoulders (erm, it's possible  in this dimension that I have a short, dark, frizzy mop straining to make contact with my pasty bingo wings....but as this is my blog I've decided that I look like Gwynnth with it, people).

OK...reality check.  I'm sitting (some unkind people might say "slouching") at the dining room table wearing an eclectic ensemble of Principles (bankrupt), Jane Norman (nice) and Pennys (nasty).
My look is Vintage Bag-Lady meets Hairspray Explosion at the Salon.
It's next season, so you may not be familiar with it.  You gotta keep your finger on the pulse, folks.
I'm thinking Viviennne Westwood meets Mick Jagger.

I got a very welcome message from my favourite girl-crush Jen who awarded me the coveted Sunshine Award for being fabulous and shiny, and other nice things.

But with the award came a challenge to choose  my favourite blog to pass the love onto.

There is the insightful Blue Sky, who will not give up on any problem until the solution shows itself.
There is, of course, Jen herself, whose blogs I look forward to like no other.  I like to have an emergency pack of Tena Lady handy when I read her blog, as deep belly laughs are a hazardous adventure for a lady of a certain age (especially when my bladder has been kicked into touch by three fully loaded pregnancies).
The tenacious Taz writes about her experience of adopting a critically ill baby (who kicked TB in the ass, but was also born an autie).  She writes from the heart about her A-Ha moment (not to be confused with the dreadful 80's Swedish band) which  resonates with me to this day.
The feisty JazzyGirl reminds me (shock! horror!) that there is Life Outside Autism.  Who knew??
The proud Daddy who is brave enough to share his feelings (gasp! guys have 'em!) about his gorgeous son's diagnosis.
The courage of Lora who manages not only her son's autism, but also her own mental health issues, is a constant inspiration to me.

But there can only be one winner of the coveted Jean Carroll Sunshine Award (grab your Tena's ladies) head-melt was thankfully short-lived, as it was abundantly clear that the First Lady of Autism, Lisa,  is most deserving of  a place so deep in my heart that it would take a  crack team of cardio-thoracic specialists to find her.
FYI they'd need hard hats and a canary.
She only writes three blogs (lazy article), and has been the hand on my shoulder since alarm bells started to ring over Bob, all of three years ago.
One diagnosis, one grieving process and a wealth of pragmatic, loving advice later, I am the proud mother of one fabulously barmy son.
I would not be here without Lisa.
Oops...I feel a Gwynnth moment coming on....hope my make-up artist applied waterproof mascara.


  1. Oh oh oh, can I be the one who stands near you to throw the tissues at you?? The Sunshine Award looks very fetching on your blog m'dear and comes from the heart:) Jen.

  2. Brilliant as usual Jean, had me in stitches(the funny bits....), fell off my chair laughing and then realized it was partly due to P pulling the chair from beneath me after catching me on the iPhone again.....

  3. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happyyyyyyyyy, when skies are grey, you'll never know jean, how much i love you, please don't take my sunshine away xx

  4. Ah Shucks Jean Jeannie, it is always a pleasure hunny bunny. And I tell ye, every time I click on your blog I get a burst of sunshine from that happy little boy on the Headline. xx

  5. Excellent choice indeed! I do enjoy her blog, but what do you meant that if not for her you wouldn't be here? Did she first inspire you to start the blog? I am just curious, it's just the Leo in me LOL! Thanks for mentioning me, you are so kind, what a big heart that you have! Hugs every day!!!!

  6. Thanks gals!
    What I mean Lora is that I wouldn't know as much or be in such a comfortable relationship with autism without the information and support shared by Lisa (on RC originally).
    You can only learn so much from books/websites/tv shows etc. The most valuable info comes from real people who are walking the same road as you, but have the skills and experience (not to mention willingness) to guide you through.
    I have no doubt that I would be a lonlier, sadder person without that guidance, particularly when I was falling to pieces in the first year or so.
    P.s Lisa didn't so much inspire me to write the blog, as kick my arse into doing it lol xxx

  7. well done you

    if there is anyone who deserves an award my dear it is you, big hug, so wheres the ceremony, il get my frock on lol

  8. Sorry Jean...only catching uo now.

    Well done on your well deserved Sunshine award!! You have a great blog going here so you do and you pepper your posts with humour spreading some sunshine of your own!!

    And thank you for sending it my way too....mwah!! fEISTY?? Me?? That's feisty and Bolshie I've been called in last two days!! lol! xx Jazzy

  9. Congratulations, and I totally agree with the Academy on this one. I remember one occasion when the Nominee emailed me when I was feeling down (and I was new to fb, didn't know anybody), and that short email still makes me feel better.

    To Jean, the superstar.

  10. here here Jeanie - what a fabulous moving & touching speech :D:D:D - Congratulations on your sunshine award and a wonderful follow-on receipent - the 1st lady of Irish Autism bloggism: the bould Hammie xxx