Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Social Butterfly

Bob was quite the social butterfly last weekend, as he was invited to the birthday party of the exquisitely pretty Belle (daughter of the fabby  Taz ) which he attended in Drogheda, en route to the hills of Wicklow to visit his uncle John and his bird Alison (got all that???  good, coz I get confused).

We were a little apprehensive, as Bob didn't actually know anyone at the party and it was in a place he was unfamiliar with. But we were among friends so we thought "even if he does (schlock! horror!) behave like an autie kid", that no-one will raise an eyebrow.
Apart from having to carefully guard the birthday cake, and marshal the exit in case of a daring escape attempt, all went exceedingly well.  I would, however, advise anyone who invites Bob to future birthday parties to lock up their marshmallows, as he jealously  guarded them throughout (mostly in his stomach).
He had a hesitant start, but was seduced into the main play area by bubbles and a big orange ball he shared a brief, but passionate, fling with.

He also loved the jungle gym that was produced later on, and used it to work off the marshmallow sugarbuzzz.

It is a big deal for an autie kid to be invited to a Regular Kid's birthday party in his own right...not as an after-thought tag to a big brother or sister.  I want to thank Taz from the bottom of my heart for treating my son with respect, acceptance and a whole lotta love.  You rock honey!

Bob's Dad and the Elder Toads collected us from the party and we braved the M1, the M50 ( Jazzy's *cough* favourite road) and the M11 / N11 (wish they'd make up their minds), with only the occasional  groovy wriggle from Bob's seatbelt, and not too many demands from the elder toads to stop looking at each other.
Road-trips are FUN!!!

After our recent episodes of moonlight screenings of Dora and Fireman Sam, we were a little worried that another dose of unfamiliar surroundings might be the undoing of our recovering Night Owl.
Thankfully, our fears were unfounded and he slept like a....well, not quite a baby, but a 5 year old autie kid who had been partying all day.

On Sunday morning we had an episode (euphemism for minor-ish meltdown) precipitated by a fruitless early morning search for "Bob on YouTube",  but an extra-special blanket hug from Auntie Alison (she adores being called auntie heeheehee)

and a visit to a nearby waterfall calmed his frazzled nerves....(OK, and maybe ours as well).

Hey, we survived An Unusual Weekend Chez Bob  (the pilot episode of a future mini-series) and feel the better for it.
And to think we were worried about parties....bring 'em on baby!!!


  1. That's brilliant. Glad you all enjoyed your week end!

  2. Lol! Glad you all survived! And had some fun in the process :)

  3. Wonderful blog Jean. It was our lil man's first non family birthday party too and he attacked the fairy cakes, (well he had a fondness for the sweety on the top of them and left the rest,) and rice crispie buns with the same delight as Bob took to the marshmallows. I know what you mean about acceptance and Autism not being a big deal at the party. Even at family gatherings I know relations are looking more closely at our little tearaway to see 'the signs'.... Bob is a wonderful child who has a wonderful mammy, and I was glad to meet him. :-)

  4. Lovely photographs, you are a babe girl :D The party sounds like it was great, delighted to hear the entire weekend went so well:) Need tips on the night owl thing and what arsenal of drugs/weapons/reinforcers you used!! Jen

  5. Delighted you had a good time and all went well for you both, Taz rocks alright, she is a wonderful Lady. xx

  6. Thanks Foodie and casdoc!
    @ Elaine, wasn't it fun?...I was tempted by the sweeties on the fairy cakes myself....
    @ Jen afraid I have no pearls of wisdom re the night owl seems to be pot luck in our house
    @Andra, I think we all agree that taz is fab

  7. Shucks hon! It was our pleasure to have him (and elaine's cutie too!) it absolutely made my day to see him enjoying himself. Button only lasted 10 minutes, but hopefully you'll get to meet him soon! Bob is an absolute delight! xxx

  8. well done bob! looks like a great weekend, great photos

  9. Oh Jean Jeannie! who is the fashion forward Goddess hey? Well done on getting Bob out to a party, and bless Taz for inviting you too. Boo has been invited to exactly ONE party and incidents with socks, other children and other unmentionables resulted in an agreement to never cross the doorway of the Bray Seafront Playcentre again. Bratty has NEVER been invited.

    Elaine: doesn't everyone sample parts of food and leave the rest for someone else to enjoy?

    (Bratty applies this policy to Pick and Mix sweetie stands and Boo to a Sushi train) xx

  10. @Taz you made our weekend
    @ Claire, thanks for your good wishes
    @Lisa fashion goddess by day, trackie wearing slutbucket by night (and when I know we'll have no of the perks of living in the sticks)

  11. I really wish you would stop coming to see us-we don't like having you up at all.

  12. Ah Jean! Fabulous news....I am so, so delighted that Bob got to go to (AND enjoyed) a party. Such a big moment! Well done Taz for the invite. I've no doubt there'll be more parties for Sir Bob. I can't get over how tall he looks in the photo! And you look fab!

    I do hope you fared better on the (grrrr) M50 than I did!! xx Jazzy

  13. Wow, fab piccies chick! Sounds like you all had a lovely weekend and delighted that Bob enjoyed Belles party :) Put a big smile on my face reading your blog as usual xxx