Monday, April 26, 2010

Never, Ever Give Up

I'm upstairs in my study listening to Bob humming in bed, while policing his occasional freedom dashes to the landing.
He's not gonna win as I have my Reeboks on, but I have to give the kid top marks for tenacity...he doesn't stop trying.

I'd love an ounce of his ability to keep trying.
He uses this skill to pick locks, scale walls and move educational mountains.

I mean this literally...
(...metaphors are for the non-autie community).

I am optimistic that one day this skill will enable him to better verbalize his needs, to be more independent and to become all that he is capable of becoming.

Sometimes I stop trying because of a boring list of "reasons" too tiresome to type...
...yet my *cough* disabled child never says "Never".  
It's just not in his vocabulary.

That's a pretty cool language I'd like to learn.


  1. I have been amazed by the persistance and tenacity of my fella, I could do with a good dose of it myself:) Glad you have your hot pink friend to keep you company while you do the security detail! Jen.

  2. PML @ Jen...if only Paula Radcliffe knew about pink runners... autie parents are the best sprinters in town xxx

  3. I actually have sore legs from sprinting after The Doc this evening when he legged it while I was chatting to his minder. Great post as per usual

  4. Jean you are so right our kids are persistant and never stop trying, a fabulous trait to have in life Love your blog x x

  5. Jean, part of the reason he keeps trying is because as a fab mammy you keep encouraging him and responding to his needs. I have seen too many severely disabled kids who just sit and stare into space and I'm sure for some of them it's cos they've given up, cos people didn't respond to them xx

  6. @ PatsyPerdu we could show Sonia O' Sullivan a thing or two
    @Kat, yep, it's a great (if sometimes REALLY annoying) trait
    @ Blue Sky , I never looked at it like that, but thank you

  7. :-) Our children have all manner of persistence. I admire it even when it wears me out!

  8. Persistance and tenacity are the keystones to success when they grow up. Think of yourself as Bobs personal trainer :) xx

  9. You know what there is more vision, inspiration and tenacity in your community - which stems from your amazing children - than is present in Irish Society today. I love your posts they lift my spirits x

  10. aw cheers Irish Mammy...hope is what it's all about xxx

  11. god loves a tryer lol
    well done bob, keep mammy on her reeboks xx