Friday, July 1, 2011

Things That Make Me Absurdly Happy

In keeping with my new outlook to live in the Here & Now (as opposed to the big, bad ,scary future), I've been paying closer attention to the things that make me happy.

Throughout the week I used my mobile to capture random moments that gave me a burst of joy, no matter how abstract (OK, strange then) they were.

Here they are, in no particular order.  Point and laugh as you will.

This is my teenage son Jimmy rockin' it up on his gee-tar.  He has a great ear for music, although he does feel it necessary to play it at a volume that may vibrate the Earth off it's axis.
If we hurtle off into outer space anytime soon, you'll know why.

You know when Maria warbles on about "A Few Of My Favourite Things" in The Sound of Music?  Well, she forgot the tea, the book and the knitting.

My lovely mini-laptop...all the more lovely because it's pink and it's shiny.  Sigh.

The hens always make me laugh.  I envisage them wearing head-scarves and complaining about the price
I threatened to take one to KFC because she kept pecking my feet while I was at the clothesline.  She ignored me and started pecking the wash basket.  They are not blessed with intelligence.
But they do make a tasty Sunday dinner.

This may be the lamest source of happiness on the planet, but a line of washing makes me feel that all is well with the world.  Maybe it's the fact that in order to hang washing out, there must first be sunshine...a rarity in Ireland   Or maybe it's just the knowledge that at sometime in the near future, my family shall once again wear clean knickers. It's a tough one to call.

Also, please note, the pink wash-basket.

There is a pleasing little double-whammy of joy in this picture.
First is the fact that Finian was able to overcome his fear of the lawnmower to sit on his brother's knee.  And that he is sociable enough to want this closeness with Jimmy.

A final pretty little parcel of pinkness.
I was given this iPod and the docking station by my brothers and sisters for my birthday last year.
The iPod is fab as it re-ignited my interest in music and I couldn't be without it when I go walking.
Also, it's pink.

So it was a good week folks.  Cheap and cheerful and deliciously pink XXX


  1. Love it Jeanie! As always thanks for the smiles!! Brought to you by my pink iPhone !!

  2. I absolutely love your list. Like Tess's mum, I'm smiling big.

  3. Great list....although where is the wine bottle in the knitting and tea picture?! I adore chickens-but won't have any-because my husband will want to eat them...and if I name them they become part of the family...and one just doesn't eat their family does one?

  4. So with you about the washing. A white wash on the line is especially enthralling. Also hens-regret hugely that our garden is too small to have them. The fridge after shopping day also makes me happy. Empty fridge shelves are saddening.

  5. @ Tess's mum....a pink iPhone...I'm drooling
    @ A&A, delighted you like it
    @ Kathleen...the wine bottle is lurking nearby...
    @ Alison, I knew you had a washing line thing too. Trust you to take it one step further and desire a white wash. You're scary

  6. I too like a line of washing but when my yard was concreated over last year t5he dam workman went over my holes and there fore do not have a line!Joe was looking over my shoulder and found it hilarious that some else has a brother called Jimmy!Would love to have hen's and even a duck or 2 but alas no room

  7. What a wonderful idea, lovely post Jean x

  8. Oooh they're great things to make you happy! I must do a list like this! :) xx

  9. @ Katy, tell Joe that Jimmy's are a rare and special breed
    @ Caz, cheers
    @ Marylin, I'd love to see your list

  10. I'm with you on the washing because hanging it on the line gets me out of the house and a chance to feel the sun and the wind :)

  11. I too love the sight of washing hanging on the line! There is nothing like the smell of sunshine in your clothes to brighten even a cloudy day.

  12. Why have I not found you before this?!? Love your blog!
    I love the smell of the clothes as they come off the wash line outside. And I like everything about your list, the teenager cutting the grass---total bonus!!!

  13. @ Blue Sky, you're such an outdoor gal
    @ NJAMB, the clothes line is more popular than I imagined!
    @ Lizbeth, yep, the lawn cutting thing was a real kodak moment

  14. I've just put a line of whites on the line and even though they are getting covered with those bloody thunderflies, it still gives me pleasure - as does my laptop and a cup of tea.
    I'll pass on the chickens ;-)

  15. Snap to all except the chucks, would also stick in the wine and dark chocolate!!!!!. How I do love the washing line too, I have my thing about hanging clothes in order, but my smile is when my men hang out the washing...eveypossible way they can once it is attached. Keep up the blogging. X Nic.