Wednesday, May 9, 2012

(Another) Reason Not To Hoover

I was hoovering the carpet today and my thoughts drifted, as they do when I'm faced with nothing more inspiring than biscuit crumbs and dried-in weetabix (seriously, have you ever tried to scrape that stuff off???  You need muscle-bound shoulders and a jack hammer.  Failing that, a new rug).

I thought, this is kinda nice as it's Spring and I'm nesting, just like any other animal.
I had mental images of birds carrying twigs to build homes for their fledglings, and fluffy bunnies doing fluffy things with fluffy stuff.
It was all very pink and frilly in my mind.

Then I wondered, why do humans consider themselves superior to other animals?

Biologically, there is no difference between us and other creatures as we are all driven by our base urges to satisfy our needs to eat, drink and procreate.
We are all hard-wired to survive and pass on our genes.

I suppose humans are more complex, and mused that not many animals require a Sky box to quench their desire for action movies and soaps (with the notable exception of our cat Bella, who enjoys watching pro-cycling with my husband).  We love to be entertained, but maybe that's because we live long enough to get bored, thanks to medicine and our extermination of man-eating wild-life.
Humans get to experience art (thank you, opposable thumbs), use tools (although I'm not convinced the vacuum cleaner has made my life any just gives me less excuses to avoid cleaning), dream, argue about an afterlife (which poor "lesser" animals are suspiciously absent from) and we care for our sick, disabled and dying (most of the time).

But maybe our time would be better spent chasing birds and climbing trees?

My gut feeling is that every living creature on the planet, be it plant or animal, is no greater or lesser than the other...but that doesn't make me feel guilty as I tuck into a steak burger and chips.

I'd love to know anyone else's thoughts on this, but mostly I think I need to ease up on the hoovering.


  1. Exchange the bottle of pepsi for a glass of wine and I think I'll be the cat instead. Definitely beats hoovering!

    xx Jazzy

  2. Loving that cat, and I'm with you on the climbing trees thing instead of hoovering :)

  3. I doubt lions feel guilty tucking into a wildebeast, we do what we have to to survive. Circle of life etc. There is no afterlife, the notion is a construct of people wishing for a better life but can't do anything to change it themselves.

  4. @ jazzy, my thoughts exactly
    @ bluesky, sounds like fun, eh?
    @ Alison, I can't tell you how much I hope there is an afterlife, if only that I can spend eternity telling you "I told you so"