Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Madness

The world has gone mad.
It's the end of May, I'm sitting just a mile shy of the border to Northern Ireland, and the sun is shining.

The real sun.

Not a mass hallucination from our light-starved brains.
Not a nuclear explosion detonated to shake us from our upcoming fiscal treaty referendum apathy (our government will try anything, and the posters aren't working).

Just our nearest, coziest, star doing what it's meant to do in the summer.

Acres of alarming, doughy flesh is being exposed to the clement conditions in celebration of this unseasonable sunshine.
(And that's just mine)

The gravity of the situation cannot be over-estimated.

I have the kettle on for the four horsemen of the apocalypse, because it would be rude not to make them a cup of tea when they arrive bearing gifts of war and pestilence.
I fully expect a plague of locusts to march through our newly dry boglands (although they won't hang around as they will no doubt swarm off across the border to Newry  to do a bit of shopping when the exchange rate is so good).
My wellies and raincoat weep with neglect at the back door.

The country is filled with pale creatures, sniffing about like terrified, par-boiled rabbits in case the shiny thing in the sky starts to cackle with laughter and boom "The sun? In the northern hemisphere?  In Summer?  You must be MAD! Take a good look, boys and girls.  Barbecue yourselves like pasty little Irish kebabs while you can...because you will never see me again!  Mwahahahahahaha!".

But that's not where the summer madness ends.

This summer we are able to allow Finian to play outside the house without constant supervision (by constant, I mean being no more than 3 feet from him wearing fully primed nikes and a lasso at all times).
Now we can trust him to potter about between the swing, the car and the trampoline without absconding like a convicted criminal from a low-security Irish prison (which happens with tedious regularity).
I can actually sit outside and read a book while keeping an eye on him, or go indoors and peel the potatoes for dinner while watching him through the window.
This time last year, if someone had suggested this would be the case, I would have pointed skywards and said "the roundy thing up there is frying your faculties".

So it looks like education works.
Who knew?

The world has gone mad, but the madness is pretty great when we have to protect ourselves from with an SPF 50 instead of Prozac.


  1. I feel like framing that picture of the sun to remind me what it looks like in the days to come, when our summer is apparently due to end....and I'm absolutely delighted to hear about Finian, progress helps to keep us sane, doesn't it? x

  2. Hello Planet Autism!
    I was cruising through my stats (as one is wont to do on occasion!) and I came across your blog address, which then lead me to here! I am honoured to see that you have my blog on your blog list. Thank you so much for that... It's late here so will come back again tomorrow! Di

  3. Aha, have just found your photo!! Now I know who you are!! Night, catch up with you soon! x

  4. Oh I too love that sun photo! I need it to look at today, 'cos just like that the summer is gone!

    Great imaginative and funny post! Wonderful news about Finian. Bit by bit, year by year, slowly but surely, things come into place ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. How wonderful is it when you can let them roam a little further away to play and finally step back and let a breath out yourself.

  6. @ BlueSky, it was a short summer...sigh
    @ BrightSide, glad you found me!
    @ jazzy, it's really good to see progress

  7. It was 90 degrees here in Baltimore today. After a rainy spring, I can relate to your post. This is the second year we've felt comfortable letting our son hang out in the yard without constant supervision. Oh, I don't leave him out there for long, but it IS nice. A moment of relaxing I suppose.

  8. @ Alisa, it's a huge step for us. Delighted you're making progress with tour lad too xxx

  9. I too was fooled by this dassling apparition in the sky but presumed it to be the result of an over dose of sobriety; which i promptly remedied. When I awoke the sun was gone and everyone else was brown! Damn! Got it wrong again!

  10. I am sooooo glad the sun is out for you!!!! It's about time, eh??? And that is pure awesome to have some time where he can wonder around the yard without you right there. I soooo know this feeling.