Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Autism Schmautism

It's been a while.

I won't make excuses...oh feck it, I'll totally make excuses.

I spent the past few months doing the whole SuperMammy thing (wearing my pants on the outside and everything), surviving the summer "holidays"  and deciding I was cured of Depression and stopping my anti-depressants (now that was a horror show, and I got to star as Freddie Kruger with lip gloss).

"oh cellulite totally shows in these pants"

On the excellent side (deep breath)...
...following my mental crash and burn, I got my meds sorted and am now passably sane.
My baby brother and his gorgeous missus had their second son.
I went to the wedding of the decade when my beautiful cousin Ann tied the knot, and I met a small army of cousins I want to take home and adopt  (except some of them were a bit bold  and may be troublesome).
We went on our first family holiday in seven years and had a blast.
I did a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which was a bit of a head wreck but was ultimately a positive thing.  While CBT is not everyone's steaming cup of psychobabble, its worth a lash and helped me to view the world a little differently.
Finian was offered a place in Abacas (after a short wait of 6 years), which is a school dedicated entirely to Autism and behavioural issues.  The day we got the news, we were like a collective family of Archimedes leaping out of the bath yelling "Eureka!!!" (disturbing image...maybe I should edit this).
I read chicklit til my brain dribbled out of my ears and I loved it.
I spent six months knitting one scarf, but it turned out great.
My daughter finished primary school, and my oldest son grew taller than his Dad.
In the middle of it all, my husband appears not to have left me to run screaming to the peace of a Tibetan  monastery (what is wrong with him???).

In the interim, Autism kinda took a back seat.
When did that happen?
Is it possible that Autism is finally becoming our new normal, and that any day now I can start writing it without a capital A?
That holidays and weddings and new babies are nudging their way forward on my list of priorities and are catching up with it?

In my time of inattention, it seems to me that Autism has become a little mainstream.
More often, I notice that when I mention that my son is autistic, people no longer smile politely and say "so he's good at drawing" and I say "no...not artistic...autistic...oh, never mind..."
People know what it is.  Or at least, have heard of it, and don't assume that your child is a spoiled, super-sized  brat.
While this can only be a good thing, it's in danger of becoming this years shih-tzu in a Prada bag.
Maybe next season, Hollywood celebs will be queuing up for an autistic kid along with their Manolo Blahniks.

"These cows are close...those ones are far away"

It's all a matter of perspective.


  1. It was always the new black. The rest of the world is catching up.
    Congratulations on joining us in our "new normal" - always a lot harder when you have several of those pesky neuro typicals in your life xx

    1. For sure Lisa...those normies are very confusing XXX

  2. Yay your back, delira with the progress

  3. It does sound unbelievably and wonderfully normal! Well done xx

  4. Welcome back, I must admit that I have missed reading your blog... Sorry that you have had a bit of a sh*t time.